Once we own a dog, we realize there is nothing more precious than the wag of their tails, the sparkle in their eyes, their cold wet noses and their vigorous licks. We realise that they are what make our homes complete. Once we experience this beautiful inimitable relationship, we realize that this is not “just a dog”, this is our life!

Our hearts skip a beat when we leave for work and a part of us keeps worrying about our pets’ safety. The same is the case when we plan a vacation. We wish for our furies, a home away from home. We wish for them, a place where they are happy and safe. A place where they are free to be dogs.

This is the sentiment behind “ 
Tail Magic ” - a home stay / boarding for pooches where they meet each other, socialize, play, make friends and live as a pack. They are encouraged to be themselves, but are admonished if they run amok. The purpose of Tail Magic is to provide a safe haven for pet parents to leave their pooches at. The purpose of “tail magic” is to make separations less painful for the pooches as well as their parents. and to keep that tail wagging with joy ! 

In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.”  Welcome to
Tail Magic !


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T A I L  M A G I C

P O O C H  H O M E  &  D A W G  T A L K

 haven for pooches !