Anjani ( Simba) :

Tail Magic and Praveen have been my saviour. I'm a single pet parent and without Praveen I wouldn't have been able to raise my pup the way I have. My pup is a day boarder and whenever I'm traveling it's a home away from home for my pup. Praveen's involvement and experience with dogs is fantastic, his constant suggestion and guidance for raising my pup has been extremely helpful. I recommend this place for all pet parents looking for a place for your furry ones

Sharda K ( Cocoa / Cookie ) :

​"I have been boarding my desis at tail magic for almost two years as of date. Tail magic, pravin and his host dogs are always a pleasure to meet. Pravin has helped me understand my dogs and their temperament in a hands on manner. His assessment of dog behaviour and positive reinforcement methods have made me better equipped as a dog parent. At tail magic my dogs are at a home away from home! Pravin regularly updates with their pictures while they enjoy their stay at tail magic. This helps me as a dog parent to be at peace while enjoying a break for myself. Words would fail to describe the happiness i feel to be associated with tail magic since the beginning of my journey as a pet parent. All in all tail magic is the place to be for pooches and pooch parents who want the best for their kiddos! "

Anajana / Prateek ( Ellie ) :

" Pravin's place has been the second home for our golden retriever, Ellie since she was 4 months old. She loves it there, as soon as she realizes that she is going to Pravin's place, she jumps up and down and all over the car with excitement. Although it makes us feel sad as parents, she has never once looked back at us once she get out of the car!!!! She loves it so much there. Also, Ellie is a very mild tempered dog and so we often worry about her not even attempting to protect herself when an aggressive dog approaches her. At Tail Magic, the environment is absolutely perfect. There are no ill-mannered and aggressive dogs and this gives us a lot of comfort. Pravin is our go-to person every time we have to travel out of town. He has accomodated us even on short notice. All in all, with Pravin around we know that Ellie will always be cared for and given all the love and affection she deserves. "

KIn ( Cheeni ) :


"From the very first time I spoke to Pravin regarding the boarding I realized that he love dogs. After our meeting before dropping Cheeni with him I was quite relaxed as it was the first time I was leaving Cheeni alone. I wanted a homely environment for Cheeni where she is comfortable and safe. Cheeni received good care and communication with Pravin during her stay with him was excellent.
Pravin is wonderful, knowledgable and very professional. He understands dogs dramatics and needs really well.
Tail Magic is highly recommended. Possibly the best dog care place. Thanks Pravin !"

Swati ( Charlie ) :

​" I don’t trust anyone with my special dog Charlie cause of course he’s like my son, but I trust Pravin with him. I used to run around looking for someone to pet sit until I found Pravin. 

Before I got to know about Pravin through one of my friend, I and my mom never use to travel together. Leaving Charlie (a paralysed indie dog) in some boarding used to really scare the hell out of me.

Pravin was like my son's guardian angel. After meeting and visiting his home and seeing the fur babies under his care, I was at peace. There was no discrimination btwn an Indie or Pedigree kids. All were treated equally at Pravin's home. Leaving Charlie under Pravin's care was like leaving him with an angel who took care of him like his own kid without me having to worry about anything happening to him. I got like every second of Charlies update and I was super happy to see charlie climbing the stairs on his own, sleeping on bed with other kids, playing, eating, having a sound sleep just like his HOME SWEET HOME.
Thank you Pravin for pampering my kid as your own kid. Charlie loved staying with you and his other friends(cookie, bruno, pixie and all other adorable ones).
I highly recommend Tail magic for all the traveling and workaholic parents. Tail magic is like a HOME SWEET HOME for all our paw kids :-) "

Samantha / Andrew ( Jack & Shreya ) :

​" We travel often and we wouldn't if we weren't 100% happy that our dogs were going to be loved and looked after when we were away. Tail Magic is the perfect place for your dogs to stay. The dogs have the freedom to roam the house, they have the opportunity to make new friends and the manager/owner keeps you updated with photos and videos throughout their stay. Sometimes we think our dogs prefer Tail Magic to coming home with us !!! ;) "

Deniz - Zeynep (Brandy ) :

We left our Yorkie here when he was just about six months old for a couple of days. Our holiday was booked for and paid for in advance and we were about to cancel, until we came in contact with Pravin. He made us feel very comfortable from the first meet and we felt, right away that we could trust him with with the newest addition of our family. He does not take every pup, only after a meeting and ensuring that the peace and harmony in the house will not suffer, he accepts. I would not leave my pup with anybody else. I highly recommend Tail Magic without the slightest hesitation.

Anubhav - Sanpreet ( Cookie ) :

" This is one of the places where my dog always love to stay apart from my family. I tested at least couple of options before leaving my dog here and I always cherish my decision. I feel confident and comfortable. Praveen is extremely intelligent and know how to keep a dog happy and safe away from his home ."

Parnayan ( Leone ) :

​" Mr Kora is a godsend for us and our darling Leona. Whenever we travel where we cannot carry our furry companion along, we leave her with Mr. Kora. He is a real dog lover and takes care of Leona as one of his own. Besides, he sends regular updates through whatsapp photos and videos. He is such a amicable person that he has become a family friend who shares a common love for biking. I don't have words to express my gratitude to him. "

Geetanjali ( Marvel ) :

" We left Marvel with Pravin during our last trip and we couldn't have been happier. He is an absolutely hands-on care taker and keeps you updated with pictures and videos. This works perfectly well for me as I tend to get anxious about Marvel when I am traveling, but this time around both my husband and I were at peace because we knew he was in safe hands.

The meals are home made with love and care. Pravin is always around to make them feel comfortable and when he isn't he makes sure someone is attending to the dogs. I remember, Marvel being a little overwhelmed in the presence of other dogs but I knew he would be taken care of as Pravin is an ace dog behaviourist and knows his way around them.

It was a wonderful experience and we are glad we found Tail Magic. "

Malhar ( Mojo ) :

​" Had the best experience with Pravin! Not only could I blindly trust him with my retriever when I was out of town, he was a huge help when I had initially planned to get a dog and he's the one who helped me find my Mojo! Pravin is a completely hands on and involved dog lover who will not only take care of your pooch like his own, but will also help you out and give loads of great suggestions on how to take care of your dog even when your pooch is not with him! The fact that he's so selective regarding which dogs he boards just makes him all the more trustworthy. Would recommend him to everyone ! " 

Aditya ( Shadow ) :

​" Praveen has been an absolute lifesaver for me and Shadow. As a first time dog parent, being away from Shadow for an extended time would've been much more harrowing for me had it not been for the excellent care offered by Tail Magic. Praveen put me at ease from the get go, was superb at handling all the guests at Tail magic, and was very proactive with providing info and pics all the time that Shadow was with him. Shadow stayed for a month at Tail magic and came back a very happy puppy. Praveen is also very helpful with general advice about caring for pets. I recommend Tail magic wholeheartedly. "

Sona ( Maximus ) :

​ "Pravin made us very comfortable when it came to leave our small Pomeranian while we had to leave on a holiday. After seeing a few options we decided to go ahead with tail magic and we were happy with the minute to minute update and how our little max was happy also made us trust Pravin for future boarding. Thanks "

Sumit ( Google ) :

"Have known Tail Magic since Nov, 2013. Its a second home for Google (my dog). He has been going there when he was not more than 3 months old. I consider Pravin, who is a certified trainer, to be a wikipedia when it comes to dogs. Its the only place I can trust for boarding, learning about dogs and any kind of consultation "

Richa Bhushan : ( Bauzer) 

" We left our dog, Bauzer, with Praveen of Tail Magic and  we couldn't have found a better place for Bauzer to stay. It was a home away from home where Bauzer could roam around freely. He wasn't confined to a kennel or even tied up. Praveen helped Bauzer socialise with other canine friends and sent us literally minute by minute updates on whatsApp with Bauzer's pictures. So glad to have left Bauzer there to enjoy a guilt-free holiday ourselves. "

Nilanajana --Zed  :

​" Tail Magic is a perfect place to leave you dog while you're away. My dog has stayed with Pravin several times and it has always been a good experience. He ensures that the dogs are entertained and not home sick. It's always good when you do not have to worry about your pets while you are on vacation. "

Manish ( Mario ) :​

" We couldn't have asked for a better home-away-from-home for our Mario.Pravin's extremely knowledgeable and takes excellent care of our four legged son.We get regular updates with pics letting us know what fun and mischief our Mario's up to while he's there.
And the best part is that Mario loves to keep going back. " 

Namrata / Boots :

Pravin is an amazing guy. I was very apprehensive leaving my tiny fellow ( shi tzu) boots alone for the first time.
But I had nothing to worry !! Boots had a blast ,I kept getting live updates all through the trip . I would recommend tail magic to all .

Priyanka- Nakul / Oscar :

​Ive left Oscar (my beagle) here several times when we travel and he loves it! Pravin handles him and all the other dogs fabulously! I can trust him blindly and what's best is he sends regular updates so you know what your furry friend has been up to :) highly recommend Tail magic - you would NOT find a better boarding for your dog!

Gaurav/ TukTuk

A home away from home for my little one. This place is the best place to leave your pet while you are out, be it a short visit to some nearby place or a long holiday where your pet can not accompany. Please provide reasonable notice.
I do get regular messages/photos/videos about the fun our little one is having with his friends at this place.
Pravin gives great effort and energy to all the pets he takes in.​

Ashish - Tasha / Bingo :

I travel a lot and boarding my dogs was a big challenge. N lo, I found Tail Magic, which was the perfect solution. It's been a home away from home for my big fellows Bruno & Brutus and still a home for Tasha and Bingo. Tail Magic is the perfect stop for a dog vacation!!

​Anita - Denice :

​This is an awesome place for a pet and a pet lover , my dog was trained by Pravin and as a pet owner I am really satistifeied with way my dog's behaviour and habits changed. Pravin works along with the pet owner as a team and makes it very comfortable for the pet owner to understand the pet. The boarding facility is also an excellent service. I receive regular updates in form of messages and pictures while I am away. I highly recommend this place to every dog lover.


Antra / Tony ( Cookie ) :

"This is hands down the best place to leave your doggies in Gurgaon and trust me, as I have tried a few others as well. Pravin cares for and treats all guest doggies like his own. He understands dog psychology really well and knows what is best for each dog.

He provides very individualized attention to each and every dog that comes to his place.

We started leaving our puppy Cookie for Day Care with Pravin when he was 3 months old. I can confidently say that our dog had the best of times at Tail Magic. He was always so eager to go there in the morning and Pravin sent us updates throughout the day about what our doggie was up to. Pravin was very accommodating if we got delayed in office on some days or had to drop him of early in the morning.

When we were moving to New York from Gurgaon, we left Cookie with Pravin for 6 months while we were waiting to get him to NY and we couldn’t have been more confident that Cookie was being taken care of in the best possible manner. In fact during his stay, Cookie's vaccinations became due and Pravin personally took him to the vet multiple times to ensure that they were given on time.

I can honestly say that without Pravin and Tail Magic we wouldn’t have been able to manage with a dog so well. He has been a God-send for us and for Cookie and I know for sure that Cookie misses Tail Magic and his buddies there a lot.Type your paragraph here."